When someone decides to start a new business venture, they do so because the have an idea or a service they want to bring to the market. Entrepreneurs are experts in their own fields; they do not necessarily have a deep understanding of varied legal matters involving business entity selection, strategic planning considerations, government agency interactions, and finance. For this reason, many people turn to Robert Sanders for counsel and guidance for their new business.   

Business Formation

Selecting the correct business entity structure is of highest importance when starting a California business.  California business lawyer Robert Sanders will guide you through the decision making process on whether a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited liability company, or a C-Corp or an S-Corp is the proper business form for your situation. 

Contract drafting

Contracts lawyer Robert Sanders can help you in your business to form the initial contracts to get your business started correctly. For many start up businesses, a mistake in the beginning on an important contract can cause significant problems later once the business becomes successful.