California contracts lawyer Robert Sanders helps business owners negotiate and draft contracts requiring a high degree of skill and care.  From needing a document custom drafted for a novel situation to simply needing an experienced attorney to look over an existing document, many clients turn to him for assistance.  

Purchase Contracts

Robert Sanders negotiates and drafts contracts relating to purchasing of businesses and other significant items for businesses including: equipment purchase contracts and financing documents. He takes a pragmatic approach to contract negotiations, carefully protecting his clients' interests in each transaction while not unnecessarily complicating negotiations.

License Agreements

Robert Sanders understands that a businesses' intellectual property can an extremely important asset of the company. He works to protect his client's intellectual property by drafting quality license agreements.

Contractor Agreements

California businesses are increasingly turning to independent contractors to complete work which was previously completed in-house. Robert Sanders drafts and negotiates independent contractor agreements for both the provider and the user of services.