Many credentialed professionals who wish to practice in the State of California with a business entity are required by law to form Professional Corporations. This area of law is governed by the Moscone-Knox Professional Corporation Act. Robert Sanders has helped many types of professionals not only begin their separate practices but also create contractor and associate agreements, other business contracts, and real estate documents specific to their particular needs.  

Starting a California Professional Corporation

Business attorney Robert Sanders can assist a wide range of professionals in forming professional corporations. The California Secretary of State requires that Articles of Incorporation of a Professional Corporation (ARTS-PC) be filed to create the Professional Corporation. He can assist you with the drafting of corporate bylaws, director meeting minutes, and shareholder meeting minutes to get your corporation started.

Professionals Eligible to Form a Professional Corporation

California Corporate Code section 13401.5 specifies which professionals are eligible to form Professional Corporations.  This list includes: medical corporation, dental corporation psychological corporation, speech-language corporation, marriage and family corporation, optometric corporation, and chiropractic corporation.

California Professional Dental Corporation

Dental attorney Robert Sanders has helped many dentists throughout Northern California to create their Professional Dental Corporations. He understands the unique challenges associated with the running of a dental practice. He can work with dentists throughout the state to negotiate asset purchase agreements, dental building leases, and other legal items associated with the practice of dentistry.

California Professional Medical Corporation

Medical corporate lawyer Robert Sanders can help a variety of other health professionals (including physicians, optometrists, chiropractors, and others) with their legal needs.