Commercial real estate finance


Robert Sanders, Attorney at Law has been involved in negotiating and drafting documents on hundreds of millions of dollars worth of real estate debt on a variety of property types. His experience as a commercial real estate mortgage broker gave him practical experience in dealing with lenders' requirements. Robert Sanders represents both lenders and borrowers on all types of real estate finance projects. He also holds a degree in finance which assists owners in understanding the economic aspect of financing transactions.  

Drafting and Negotiating Finance Agreements

Robert Sanders is a finance lawyer who understands California loan documents, financing agreements, and deeds of trusts. He understands and can assist you in negotiating and executing your loan documents.

Experience Across a Variety of Lender Types

Robert Sanders was one of the founding partners of the commercial real estate mortgage brokerage finance group. In that capacity, he regularly interacted with both lenders and borrowers to facilitate and arrange debt on stabilized, income-producing property.  He has negotiated financing from a variety of lenders: CMBS, life insurance, bank, specialty finance (including pension funds and commingled discretionary funds), and private lenders.